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One Cable - Four Connections - Infinite Possibilities

Our new Transform Dual-Plug speaker cable is the game-changer for your home entertainment. Two cable harnesses with screw threads at both ends offer maximum freedom through the individual assembly of the included adapters (2x banana plugs and 2x cable lugs).

Transform Dual-Plug Speaker Cable

Two cable strands, each consisting of four individually stranded and insulated OFC strands, form the inner workings of our new Excellence cable. From the outside, these are protected by a high-quality fabric jacket in an elegant design.
At both ends of the cable there are two screw threads, which can be individually equipped with the supplied adapters (2x banana plugs and 2x cable lugs).
Both the screw threads and the adapters have 24 ct gold plating to ensure maximum contact reliability - The solid metal plug of the adapters also contributes to this. With the freedom to choose between banana plugs and cable lugs at both ends, we achieve an unmatched dimension of freedom in home entertainment with our Transform Dual-Plug.

Our adapters: banana plug & cable lug

Normally, the ends of a speaker cable are exposed so that they can then be clamped into cable shoe or banana plugs.
Oehlbach simplifies this step by simply connecting the ends to our 24 ct gold-plated cable lug or banana plug adapters using a screw cap. This ensures much better contact security, and the potential for connecting the ends incorrectly is zero.