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About Oehlbach

Connection matters - Precision with passion.

30 years warranty

High-quality cables for audio, video, data and power from Germany have a name: Oehlbach. We give you a 30-year guarantee on our cables from the date of purchase, over and above the statutory guarantee. For around 45 years, Oehlbach from Cologne has been one of the leading companies in this important area of home entertainment with its outstanding product quality and constant innovations. After all, first-class picture and sound quality depend to a large extent on the cables that connect the individual components and transmit their signals. With every cable we have developed over the past decades, we have had one goal in mind above all: the optimum quality of picture or sound combined with a convincing price-performance ratio.

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Oehlbach - more than a brand

Formerly hi-fi, then computers and finally home cinema or home entertainment: over the past decades, technology and consumer electronics have developed at an increasingly rapid pace. One constant has remained for over 45 years. Then, as now, Oehlbach provided connections, components and accessories that give all the technology an optimal finish. Oehlbach connects and creates paths so that entertainment can fully unfold the magic of its images and sounds. To achieve this, we are guided by three thoughts: Innovation - No compromise - Listening

Our philosophy

Quality since 1974

Innovation out of passion
The history of many great brands or companies begins with the idea of an individual who creates something new or raises the familiar to a whole new level - and so does the 45-year history of Oehlbach. In 1974, company founder Manfred Oehlbach developed the first loudspeaker cables in various strengths, which immediately created a better hi-fi experience compared to the previously common simple metal wires for loudspeaker connections. His passion for innovations that always make the quality of picture or sound transmissions that little bit better became the DNA of our company. It is both a drive and a promise of quality - then, now and in the future of Oehlbach.

Over 45 years of experience

Out quality promise

Oehlbach has many customers, all of whom have different demands on the connections and components of their systems. There are those who simply want above-average technology at a very good price-performance ratio and are less concerned with the details. Others demand a little more - for example, even better materials for even better signal transmissions that almost reach the limits of what is technically possible. And some even want us to realise this technically possible maximum for them and create unique products that define perfection and state-of-the-art in their field. You know what you want. We have created the Oehlbach quality promise so that you can always find the right product quickly online or in stores. In one word, it defines the class of all Oehlbach products and at the same time allows you to select suitable Oehlbach solutions for your home entertainment more easily. Choose Performance, Excellence or State of the Art.

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